My indoor cat....should I be concerned?

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Did you know your indoor cat is just as likely to get these things as an outdoor cat?

- Heart Disease

-Kidney disease

-Heartworm disease


-Urinary problems

-Feline "asthma"

-Dental/mouth disease

-Thyroid disease


Despite "never" going outside your cat is also susceptible to the following because you and others can bring them "in" to your home:

-Internal parasites (worms)

-External parasites ( fleas and ticks)

Cats are masters at hiding illness often until they are to sick for us to help. By bringing your pet into our hospital once a year for a check-up can help catch these problems early enough to treat!

Your pets health is our number #1 priority whether the are "indoor" or "outdoor" cats. Call our office to schedule their Feline Wellness Exam today! 631-757-0522