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The United Animal Welfare Society's mission is to assist people in their effort to ensure the welfare of animals by creating their own individual cause and ensuring it is carried out.

Do you have an idea that would benefit the welfare of animals but don’t know where to start? Wonder where to donate your money? Perhaps you worry if your donated money is actually being used for what it is intended. As animal lovers we all want to do our part in keeping them safe, happy and healthy. However, there may not be an organization set up for the exact cause you are looking to support.

In response to this, Dr. Russell Fredericks has founded the United Animal Welfare Society. The UAWS allows you to donate and have control of exactly how and what your money will be used for. Do you feel strongly about starving animals? We will use your donation to buy food and feel those animals. Would you like to help spay and neuter homeless animals? Do you own a piece of property that you don’t use and love cats? We can use the property to open a cat sanctuary. Any cause that you can think of we will see through with your donations.

Dr. Fredericks and the doctors at North Shore Veterinary Hospital have been working with the Little Shelter, located in Huntington, for over 10 years, We offer discounted spay and neuters, FIV and Leukemia testing, vaccines, complimentary first time exam and discounted medications for adopted cats within 2 weeks of adoption,

Looking for a new furry friend to love? We always have Little Shelter kittens for adoption right in our hospital. Come in, fall in love, and take on home with you next time you visit.

The Huntington Animal Shelter
We have also been working with the Town of Huntington Animal Shelter for 7 years. We offer discounted spay and neuters as well as rabies vaccines for the dogs housed in the shelter. Dr. Fredericks recently donated his time to train the staff of the shelter to implant microchips in these dogs. Visit their website for a list of adoptable pets and help give these lovable animals a home!

The Baker Institute for Animal Health at Cornell University
“The Baker Institute for Animal Health is one of the oldest research centers dedicated to the study of veterinary infectious diseases, immunology, genetics, and reproduction.” We offer a donation in honor of our client’s pets that have passed away.

Other charities and organizations that we are affiliated with:

The League for Animal Protection
Heart and Soul
Boxer Rescue
Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue